Meat industry

Our company's product portfolio for the meat industry

Loose spice

Spices single-species

Aniseed whole, crushed, ground
Bay leaf whole, ground
Lemon peel, ground
Mustard seed whole, crushed, ground
Clove whole, ground
Cardamom whole, crushed, ground
Curry ground
Cumin whole, crushed, ground
Cumin whole, crushed, ground
Coriander whole, crushed, ground
Ground turmeric
Scrubbed marjoram
Nutmeg flower, ground
Nutmeg whole, ground
Allspice whole, ground
Ground fenugreek
Cinnamon whole 8cm
Cinnamon, ground
Ginger, ground


Chilli crushed
Chilli minced
Jalapeno flocky red
Jalapeno flocky mix
Jalapeno flocky green
Cayenne pepper
EXTRA GOLD paprika
Hot peppers
Sweet peppers 40, 60, 140, 160 ASTA
Red pepper flocks
Mixed paprika flocks
Green pepper flocks


Colored pepper whole, crushed (4 types of pepper)
White pepper whole, crushed, ground
Black pepper whole, crushed, ground
Pink pepper whole, crushed, ground
Green pepper in liqueur


Blackberry – Nigella
Bear Garlic
Chives dried rolls

Root vegetables

Freeze-dried asparagus, rolls
Freeze-dried carrots 3mm
Freeze-dried parsnips 3mm
Parsley stem dried
Soup vegetables dried 0,8-2cm

Onion vegetables

Onion fried minced
Onion fried crispy (gluten)
Onion fried crispy PUR (gluten free)
Onion dried sliced, granulated, minced
Dried garlic granulate
Garlic dried sliced
Garlic paste 10%
Horseradish dried granulate 4mm
Dried horseradish, ground

Spice mixtures

For each product group we offer the right ingredients that are optimally adapted to the respective requirements. Particularly in demand: our individual spices are blended with protected recipes.

We develop spice blend products with the highest quality, for traditional products and innovations. We pay special attention to the careful selection of high-quality basic ingredients. The taste, consistency, color, stabilization and longevity of our products are constantly tested according to the strictest criteria.

Meat product manufacturers benefit not only from the excellent quality of our products, but also from expert advice and customer solutions – even tailored to individual production processes.

From classic to trend: we deliver timeless traditional spice blends and new creations that are always one step ahead of current market developments.

Give your customers a taste of something unique. And we’ll be happy to help you with that.

Our range includes:

Spice blends with technology

From selected spices with substances that ensure perfect colouring of products, their texture and bite or emulsification. May be enriched with spice extracts.

Spice blends without techonology

Carefully prepared blends of spices, extracts without additional additives.

Decorative spices

For decorative spices, as importers of spices from all over the world, we can import and mix anything you can think of!


Full range of barbecue seasonings, dried vegetables in various mixtures

Instant broths

Industrial instant noodles

Soups – soup bases, soup bases, soup bases (also in jarred soup – semi-finished)

Seasoning for soups VEGAMIX with edible salt (without glutamate)

VEGAMIX PREMIUM (soup seasoning, without glutamate, and other flavour enhancers. Very suitable for catering establishments such as school canteens and medical facilities)

Grilling seasoning – GRILLMIX (grilling seasoning with salt preparation for flavouring chicken, pork before cooking by grilling or baking, when the mixture is rubbed directly into the meat, either dry or as a paste made from a mixture and oil)

Goulash seasoning – GOULASHMIX (seasoning preparation intended for the preparation of various types of goulash, as the composition of spices contained in the preparation is suitable for pork, beef or poultry goulash, including cottage goulash)

Buns and hams

In cooperation with leading European manufacturers, we supply and develop:

Spray bottles

5% – 20% fresh meat for marinating – minimal massaging time, with this product the meat retains the appearance of fresh meat

10 – 120% smoked meats – very good solubility after the preparation of the spraying liquor for the injection of whole-muscle hams, smoked meats and specialties by injector and for massaging into the raw material during the production of hams and inserts for products on the massaging or mixing equipment.

Flavouring and other modifications are carried out at the customer’s request.

Tumbler bottles

10 – 120% – contain a composition of spray phosphates with a high degree of solubility and a pH that positively influences water binding and product colouration. To stabilize the water system in the product, an effective carrageenan composition with a synergistic effect with the addition of animal protein is designed – these affect the additional binding of free water in the product in the form of a spatially ordered, rigid and elastic gel, which has a positive effect on the final texture of the meat product, its cutability and the prevention of water release from the final product. Sugar substances and antioxidants have an effect on the taste sensation and consistency of the product, its colouring and colour stabilisation. The preparation also contains a supplementary colouring agent to add colour to the final product, as the yields achieved result in a loss of muscle protein which has a natural effect on the colouring of the final product.

Bottles for hams – according to the decree

Top quality ham
Quality ham
Standard ham

Bacon SpezialPapier

White, parchment paper, with greaseproof silicone on both sides and heat resistance up to 220°C, for mould inlay.

Lower heat loss, does not adhere to the surface of meat products thanks to the silicone layer, losable.

Cellophane film

For inlining moulds, in rolls.

Eberhardt towers and moulds

For more information about Eberhardt products, click here.


Hydrolon  Fresh TA
Hydrolon  NAC
Stabil NATUR

Starter cultures

MicroStart TL 1
Ripening and protective culture for the fermentation of soft and spreadable uncooked sausages and raw hams. It causes mild acidification, a balanced flavour profile, excellent colouring and effective reduction of Listeria growth. To preserve the high activity of our starter cultures for as long as possible, store immediately upon receipt at -18°C. Temperatures up to +40°C for shipping and delivery do not affect functionality.

MicroStart BE 25
Freeze-dried starter cultures for the fermentation of slicable fermented sausages. They produce fast fermentation, balanced taste and a nice red colour.

MicroStart NO POR plus
A starter culture that reduces pore formation and promotes redness in cooked hams.

Microstart TASTE
MicroStart TASTE contains starter cultures of Staph. Carnos with high tolerance to salinity. In the temperature range of +10 to +40°C, it produces a pleasant meaty taste and excellent colour development. Use: fermented sausages, cured hams.


Sausages, drowning

Edible glue packaging for small meat products
Non-edible cellophane packaging standard and with better peelability

Sausages, pâtés and semi-finished products

Impermeable plastic packaging, with company or standard printing. Finishing, cutting.

Durable meat products

Faser packaging, with corporate or standard printing. Finishing, cutting.

Printers and cooked production

Shrink-wrapped plastic packaging, with corporate or standard printing. Adjustment of cutting, slitting.

Bacon SpezialPapier

White, parchment paper, with greaseproof silicone on both sides and heat resistance up to 220°C, for mould inlay.

Lower heat loss, does not adhere to the surface of meat products thanks to the silicone layer, losable.

Cellophane film

For inlining moulds, in rolls.


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